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Electric Vehicle Chargers Approval by MyEnergi

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My Energi LogoThe team at Mand Made do it again again. Because, after extensive training and examination, we have been approved by MyEnergi to install their Zappi Electric Vehicle Charging equipment.

This is more great news because it means that we are not only equipped to install this charging system but we are one of very few companies in the Sheffield area who have been vetted to the high standards required by this specialist manufacturer.

The Zappi II charger is special because it is one of the few Electric Vehicle Charging Systems to fully integrate Solar Power (PV systems) into car charging. The system works by monitoring when the PV system is exporting to the grid. If it senses this then energy is diverted to the Electric Vehicle.

Why is this good? The answer is quite simple. If you sell energy to the grid you do not receive the full value of it. When you charge your Electric Vehicle from the grid you have to pay for it (Even though it is at a lower price). The price you pay is still more than the money you get for exporting so it’s a no brainer. Keep your own generated electricity. This is the same if you have local wind generation. The MyEnergy solution works in the same way for all locally generated power.

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